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Dance is a real
passion for me.


Barreshape® founder and trainer Geraldine Werner fell in love with dancing at the age of 10, touring with various dance companies and participating in performances throughout France. She continued dancing while studying law and remained intent on one day becoming a professional dance teacher.


During a short stay in New York, she took advantage of classes at the renowned Studio Cunningham and the Limon Institute in Manhattan to discover new dance techniques.

Once back in France and working as a corportate lawyer, she joined the contemporary dance school of Peter Goss where she discovered other disciplines such as yoga and the Feldenkreis method that developed the notion of body awareness.

This gave her the idea to complement her training as a dance teacher with anatomy, physiology and body movement analysis courses and she obtained full certification in Paris in 2006.

She soon became interested in combining dance movements with other methods like yoga or Pilates to make her classes more accessible to non-dancers. While living in London and teaching professionally, she continued practicing yoga and discovered Pilates and other fitness trends in some of the well-known London studios. Here she was first introduced to barre classes, based on the famous Lotte Berk method. Eventually, Geraldine’s passion for dance and fitness merged with her desire to teach and share these passions with others. Returning to Paris in 2012, she dedicated her time to refining what has called the BarreShape® Method.

That's why, back in Paris, I decided to develop my own barrehape® method, knowing how to balance and sequence floor and bar exercises, dance, cardio-fitness, Pilates and Yoga with a "real French Touch". I wanted to transmit my passion for dance, the physical and spiritual well-being of these different disciplines to women, to show them in an innovative and modern way the combination of fitness and classical dance. Achieve targeted and visible results. And above all, to make my method accessible to all dancers and novices!

My passion for dance and fitness merged with my desire to teach and share these passions with others


Barreshape is the perfect combination of dance and fitness that is accessible to everyone, regardless of their level. Good humour is at the heart of this incredibly effective practice! An explosive cocktail that transforms you day after day with a smile on your face!


Passionate about classical and contemporary dance since my teenage years, I quickly integrated a "dance study" program at the Conservatoire de Paris and then at the Conservatoire de Lyon. I had the chance to complete my training at the Laban Dance Center in London and to dance in various professional companies. 

I then obtained my state diploma as a dance teacher, which allowed me to teach all over the world, from Paris to Tahiti, via Brazil. These trips have enriched my practice and nourished my creativity. I look forward to sharing my good mood and my love of dance with you!


In my opinion, Barreshape means working in depth without noticing the passing of time and leaving reconnected to your body.


At the age of 18, I decided to make my passion my profession. I trained professionally in modern jazz dance and obtained my state diploma as a dance teacher.

My career path has allowed me to dance in young ballets and semi-professional companies: I have had the chance to work with renowned teachers and choreographers. Today, I am also building my own choreographic projects as co-choreographer of the company Sage.

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I am grateful to work at Barreshape,

in these beautiful studios, surrounded by amazing instructors and customers

full of positive energy


It is while growing up that dancing has become a real passion. I therefore trained professionally in classical and contemporary dance by joining a company in Greece, my home country. I decided to settle in France in order to continue my professional career. I had the opportunity to work with renowned teachers and choreographers. I also presented my own choreographic projects.

I enjoy teaching by helping my students to surpass themselves while respecting their bodies. My research led me to the Progressing Ballet Technique, an Australian method that allows me to strengthen the body in a very creative and playful way. I am happy to have joined the barreshape team, to work in a beautifully bright studio and to be part of this remarkable work surrounded by positive energy.

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I pay great attention
to body
awareness and inner well-being.


I started dancing at the age of 3 at the « Conservatoire de Garches ». As a young adult, I decided to train in sport education and then went on to receive my diploma in choregraphy and jazz dance at the « Conservatoire de Paris ». I have completed training in dance, song, drama and circus. I’m lucky to make a living from my passion; teaching dance to children, teenagers and adults.

I pay great attention to body awareness and inner well-being, notions that I have been developing over the past few years through daily yoga practice. I recently discovered the studio barreshape, a unique toning method that combines several techniques gently with respect for the body. Tone up without realizing it and have a lot of fun!

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What is unique about the Barreshape method is that it is the perfect mix of numerous techniques like ballet, yoga and Pilates. 


I started dancing at the age of 4, at the Conservatoire National de Région de Strasbourg, where I trained in classical, jazz and contemporary music. 

I graduated with a degree in choreographic studies 11 years later, also enriched by a first theatrical experience as Louison in Molière's "Le Malade Imaginaire", alongside Jacques BACHELIER. 

At the age of 16, I was hired at the CCN Ballet de Lorraine where I once again had the opportunity to practice theatre with Jean-Michel STEINFORD, coach for actors at Studio Pygmalion in Paris. On his recommendation, I decided to move to Paris and joined the musical comedy class of Cours Florent in order to perfect my three passions: theatre, dance and singing. A complete artist, hardworking and passionate, I obtained my state diploma as a jazz dance teacher in 2017 and have since then taken great pleasure in passing on my knowledge and communicating my energy. What I like about the Barreshape method is that it is a mixture of several techniques - classical dance, yoga, pilates... and that it makes them accessible to all. Helping people feel good about their bodies and control them, helping them to surpass themselves while having fun, that's my goal!


The Barreshape method offers a variety of challenging classes, always in the respect of the body and with fun !


Having started dancing at a very young age and being passionate, it was obvious to start a professional career in this field !

After obtaining a Jazz Dance Teacher Degree in 2013, I joined the European Young Ballet in Paris and obtained my diploma as a dance artist. I had the opportunity to dance in various music videos and TV shows, in cabaret, operas, and as a choreographer in prestigious hotels and various events.


As a curious person with the constant desire to learn and enrich my dance and classes, I also trained in Pilates, Yoga, Posturology and of course, the Barreshape method ! I like to use different methods to make my classes richer. Moreover, the Barreshape method offers a variety of challenging classes, always in the respect of the body and with fun !

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Barreshape is a great discovery for me! It is a balance of dance and fitness adapted to all. A real source of energy, this method provides a real sense of well-being.


Passionate about classical dance since childhood, I quickly joined the Conservatory of Angers in sport-studies. At the same time, I completed my training at the Académie Chaptal, took part in numerous international training courses and prepared for the entrance examinations to the grandes écoles.
A few years later, I joined the Hamburg Opera Ballet School directed by John Neumeier.

I have been trained by many renowned teachers, having had the opportunity to vary techniques, approaches and experience the most beautiful scenes. Barreshape is a wonderful discovery for me! It is a balance of dance and fitness adapted to all. A real source of energy, this method provides a real sense of well-being.
I have the satisfaction of combining high standards with pleasure, transmitting discipline to the body and mind while developing the grace and artistic side of classical dance that are so dear to me.


I will be at your side to help you achieve your goals


I am Naomi Rose, a fitness instructor originally from Ireland. I have spent the last 8 years in Shanghai, where I have had the opportunity to work in high-end studios, designing and developing programs focused on strength, endurance and overall wellness.

My dance background has allowed me to combine music and movement to create programs that offer a fun and accessible experience for everyone. I am also certified as a personal trainer and specialize in pre and post-natal training.

Nutrition is also an integral part of my approach to fitness. I quickly realized how important it is to fuel your body with the right foods to get the most out of exercise. That's why I'm a proud ambassador for Lululemon and Athletic Greens, companies that share my commitment to health and wellness.

With my knowledge and experience, I will be by your side to help you reach your goals. Come join me at Barreshape and discover how much fun fitness can be.


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