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BarreShape® combines exercises at the ballet barre and on the mat. Its techniques are inspired by ballet, pilates and cardio workout.

This tones and elongates the entire body and helps to develop strength, flexibility and stamina.

Working out at the ballet barre is a new and successful fitness trend.

It has become very popular in the entire world, and in particular in the US because it produces rapidly visible results: toned muscles and an increased capacity of the body to burn fat.

Each 55 minutes Barreshape® workout starts with a global, energetic warm-up and upper-body exercises. The class continues with thighs and seat work at the barre and a sequence of core conditioning on the mat. Each session finishes with a stretching and relaxing cool-down.

Small equipments (for example light weights, exercise balls, fit-bands...) may be used in order to diversify the workout and make it more fun and more challenging.

All classes are mixed levels: each exercise can be simplified or intensified depending on each participant's fitness goals and capacities.

The Barreshape® method uses interval training and workouts which alternate periods of high intensity exercises with periods of low intensity for recovery.

You don't need to be a dancer but all experience is welcome. The exercises' sequence allows everyone to follow the class with the intensity that they need and progress in each class and achieve their personal fitness goals.

Feel free to come and meet us before or after the session in order to share your expectations and ask me any questions.

Exercises at the ballet barre and on the mat strengthen the core muscles and the larger muscles groups in order to create a long, lean physical appearance.

These techniques are based on the ballet and focus on a good alignment of the spine and the pelvis. Barreshape® embraces grace, flexibility and precision of the exercise.

Pilates-based exercises help to develop strong core muscles which stabilize the spine and allow more mobility in arms en legs. Each exercise focuses on improving the posture and the body's alignment.

Alternating periods between high intensity exercises (e.g cardio and muscles toning) and low intensity recovery periods (stretching) increases the participant's fitness and burns calories more rapidly over a short period of time (interval training).

  • An evenly, conditioned body
  • A lifted seat
  • A strong, developed core
  • Flat abdominals and a strong back
  • Elongated, firmer arms and thighs
  • An improved posture
  • Better stamina and resistance
  • Improved flexibility and grace
  • Increased body awareness
  • An intense and deep core exercise to work your obliques !

At the beginning, during the first classes, the intensity of the exercises and the integral workout can make your body sometimes feel a little sore. However, this is common and we encourage the participants to pursue their efforts. This personal investment will be well worth it.

After ten classes, the results will be clearly noticeable. Regular workout (2 to 3 classes per week) and a good diet are also keys to achieve your goals.

If you prefer an intensive Barreshape® experience tailored to your own personal goals or specific needs, we can arrange a private lesson at a studio, your place or at your office.

Each private session starts with an overall comprehension of your fitness goals, your personal abilities and an assessment of the work you need to accomplish in order to achieve your goals.

It's easy and you can do it in different ways

Directly on the website by clicking on one of the Reserver book buttons that you can find on all pages. Once registered you will be able to choose your course, the time, the place. You can also make it a recurring event and book for example every Thursday morning at 9am and plan your BarreShape® program weekly. You can check your schedule at any time by registering on the website.

By sending an email to [email protected] with the date, time and studio.

By telephone on 01 48 04 79 84.

You don't need to wear a special outfit but a comfortable one in which you can move and dance easily: a short or long legging, a fitness top and grippy socks.

Thank you for not putting a large t-shirt that would make it difficult for us to evaluate your posture during the class, in order to maximize the effectiveness of the exercises and avoid any pain. Do not hesitate to ask us for advice on our favorite brands in Paris or elsewhere!

Your enthusiasm, a bottle of water eventually, and a paire of grippy socks or trainers for Dance Sculpt, Barre Blast and POP 45. All the accessories that we use during the different exercises will be available in the room.

Yes, we have several solutions for course cards or single lessons if you want to try the method. Be careful, the "addiction" comes very quickly... See the prices for the different types of courses, special offers and discovery offers on our page Studio course fees or Online course fees

- If you have symptoms, make sure you stay home. If you cancel due to symptoms related to covid19, you will be asked to stay away from our studios for 14 days.

- Wearing a mask is mandatory in the studios, it can only be removed during physical activity.

- Hydroalcoholic gel is at your disposal in all the studios, please make sure to disinfect your hands regularly and to respect the barrier gestures.

- Equipment and lockers are carefully disinfected before and after each use.

- Socks must be worn during the lessons.

- In order to respect social distances, markings have been put in place in the studio. Please respect them carefully.

- Please restrict your time on site and arrive in sportswear as much as possible. The flow in the changing rooms is controlled.

- As recording times are longer, please arrive at least 10 minutes early. For reasons of hygiene and the smooth running of the session, no delays are accepted.

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