Questions/answers about BarreShape®, the Method and more...

What is BarreShape®?

BarreShape® combines exercises at the ballet barre and on the mat. Its techniques are inspired by ballet, pilates, and cardio workout. This tones and elongates the entire body and helps to develop strength, flexibility and stamina.

Working out at the ballet barre is a new and successful fitness trend. It has become very popular in the entire world, and in particular in the United States, because it produces rapidly visible results: toned muscles and an increased capacity of the body to burn fat.

What should I expect during a BarreShape® workout ?

Each 55-minutes BarreShape® workout starts with a global, energetic warm-up and upper-body exercises. The class continues with thighs and seat work at the barre and a sequence of core conditioning on the mat.  Each session finishes with a stretching and relaxing cool-down.

Small equipment (for example, light weights, exercise balls, fit-bands …) may be used in order to diversify the workout and make it more fun and more challenging.

All classes are mixed levels: each exercise can be simplified or intensified depending on each participant’s fitness goals and capacities.

The BarreShape® method uses interval training and workouts which alternate periods of high intensity exercises with periods of low intensity for recovery.

What are the benefits of BarreShape®?

Exercises at the ballet barre and on the mat strengthen the core muscles and the larger muscles groups in order to create a long, lean physical appearance.

These techniques are based on ballet and focus on a good alignment of the spine and the pelvis. BarreShape® embraces grace, flexibility and precision of the exercise.

Pilates-based exercises help to develop strong core muscles which stabilize the spine and allow more mobility in arms and legs. Each exercise focuses on improving the posture and the body’s alignment.

Alternating periods between high intensity exercises (e.g. cardio and muscles toning) and low intensity recovery periods (stretching) increases the participant’s fitness and burns calories more rapidly over a short period of time (interval training).

How many classes are necessary before noticing the benefits of BarreShape®?

At the beginning, during the first classes, the intensity of the exercises and the integral workout can make your body sometimes feel a little sore. However, this is common and we encourage the participants to pursue their efforts. This personal investment will be well worth it.

After ten classes, the results will be clearly noticeable. Regular workout (2 to 3 classes per week) and a good diet are also keys to achieve your goals.

Is it possible to have a one-on-one session?

If you prefer an intensive BarreShape® experience tailored to your own personal goals or specific needs, we can arrange a private lesson at a studio, your place or at your office. Each private session starts with an overall comprehension of your fitness goals, your personal abilities, and an assessment of the work you need to accomplish in order to achieve your goals.