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Ballet Fitness: cardio, bar, dance, yoga and stretching


This full body barre workout is a unique mix of cardio, ballet, yoga and stretching on an energetic playlist. 55 minutes of a dynamic exercices alternating between the barre and the mat, resulting in a healthy and harmoniously sculpted body.


Love your BarreShape® routine but ready for an extra challenge ?! More advanced choreography with less recuperation time resulting in a maximum amount of exercices and repetitions in the same 55 minutesformat of BarreShape® signature. Recommended for our BarreShape® addicts who have attended at least 20 classes and perform the postures with ease.


A HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) training that combines grace and femininity!
BarreBLAST® uses the usual format of our BarreShape® signature course: 4 sections of work on the arms, thighs, buttocks and abs, now interspersed with 5 cardio intervals (HIIT) of 2 minutes each repeated twice. The heart is activated (cardio), you sweat (sweat) and burn as many calories as possible (burn) for quick results.
Attention ladies this is the most challenging course in the BarreShape® program!


Everything you love about our BarreShape course® signature with a "dance twist" and futuristic accessories. This course aims to sculpt your body by dancing!

Want to dance and feel that BarreShape® burn all the same ? Trade in your sticky socks for sneakers for this mix of BarreShape exercices and booty shaking choreography on a motivating playlist with fun accessories to boost your heart rate, endurance and strength.


This 55 minutes session proposes a medley of ballet inspired exercises at the barre followed by sustained active stretches at the barre and in the center and finishing with a final pose of relaxation.


An intense and deep core workout based on the pilates principles with a BarreShape twist.

POP 45 ®

A dynamic 45 minutes flow that combines dance cardio and stretches at the end of the session on pop music.


These express versions of our BarreShape® class specifically sculpt the abs and glutes for ABS & ASS and the legs and arms for LEGS & ARMS. Targeted areas are worked until you find your "burn zone" and then stretched for a quick transformation in a minimum of time.


Thanks to the progressing ballet technique (PBT), a method coming straight from Australia, you sublime your grace, while improving stability, posture and alignment of your silhouette.

Taught using Swiss balls, the PBT allows you to approach the basics of ballet dance in a playful and uninhibited way. You don't need to be a ballerina to enjoy this class!


Have you ever dreamed of a ballet initiation?

With Ballet Basics, the basics of ballet will no longer hold any secrets for you.

In 60 minutes, work on your grace, learn arm and leg positions and free the "ballerina" inside you. No tutu required! Your usual Barreshape outfit will do the trick!

Ballet Basics


A private class made-to-measure to achieve your personal workout goals. Each class starts with a brief rundown of your objectives and the evaluation of the workout needed to achieve them. Then, get ready for a 60 minutes of an intense one-to-one session.

Classes in French or English according to the wishes and needs of the BarreShapers.


What to bring ?

Your enthusiasm,
a bottle of water and
greepy socks !

What to wear ?

Comfortable clothes: legging, fitness top...

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