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Group, semi-private & private classes

New at BarreShape : 

The secret is out ! We have new classes for you, come to BarreShape Beaubourg studio to try (and adopt) them:

- DanceSCULPT®

- BarreBLAST®

- BarreStretch®

- Pilates & Shape®

- Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT®)

BarreShape raises the barre! 

You asked for it, here it is: BarreShape® Advanced

A class who will make you push your limits!

New instructors!

Please, welcome our new teachers Kacie and Vasiliki.  Be prepared to sweat and burn a maximum of calories with Kacie and work your grace and flexibility with Vasiliki. Both of them will teach classes in English and French.

Group Studio Classes

Convenient & inspirating

Complete barre workout alternating dance and gymnastic exercises of varying intensity, at the barre or on the mat all to the beat of a contagious musical rythme. An explosive and unique mix of cardio, dance, core conditioning and stretching for a healthy, harmonious and sculpted body.

In English or French

55 minutes

Maximum 9-25

Where: At one of our 3 studios

Semi-Private Classes

Flexible & Social

Nothing beats friends for motivating you to do your best. You’ll have no more excuses not to go to class and moreover, it’s a great way to spend time with friends. Reserve a complete workout for 2, 3 or 4 at the studio, in your home or at your office.
Please, to book call : +33 1 48 04 79 84.

In English or French

60 minutes

For 2-4 friends

Where: At the studio, your home or office

Private Workout

Totally Personal

A private class made-to-measure to achieve your personal workout goals. Each class starts with a brief rundown of your objectives and the evaluation of the workout needed to achieve them. Then, get ready for a 60 minutes of an intense one-to-one session.
Please, to book call : +33 1 48 04 79 84.

In English or French

60 minutes

Individual class

Where: At your Home or Office


This full body barre workout is a unique mix of cardio, ballet, yoga and stretching on an energetic playlist. 55 minutes of a dynamic exercices alternating between the barre and the mat, resulting in a healthy and harmoniously sculpted body.

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A High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) performed with grace and feminity ? Yes it exists. Kick off your sticky socks and lace up your sneakers for 55 minutes of non stop calorie burning, muscle shaking exercises.

BarreBLAST® introduces 4 intervals of two minutes cardio exercises repeated two times in between the four main components of a BarreShape signature class (arms, thighs, glutes and abs) !

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BarreShape® Advanced

Love your BarreShape® routine but ready for an extra challenge ?!

More advanced choreography with less recuperation time resulting in a maximum amount of exercices and repetitions in the same 55 minutes format of BarreShape® signature. Recommended for our BarreShape® addicts who have attended at least 20 classes and perform the postures with ease.

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Pilates & Shape®

An intense and deep core work based on the pilates principles with a BarreShape twist!

Looking for abs of steel, this class is for you!

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Want to dance and feel that BarreShape® burn all the same ?

Trade in your sticky socks for sneakers for this mix of BarreShape exercices and bootyshaking choreography on a motivating playlist with fun accessories to boost your heart rate, endurance and strength.

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This 55 minute session invites you to stretch and relax your muscles and spirit while achieving a graceful and flexible silhouette. BarreStretch® proposes a medley of ballet inspired exercises at the barre (grand plies, degages, ronds de jambe) followed by sustained active stretches at the barre and in the center, and finishing with a final pose of relaxation.

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86 Rue Quincampoix, Paris 3ème


10 rue Volney – Elephant Paname, Paris 2ème


111 Rue de Longchamp, Paris 16ème

What to bring ?

Your enthusiasm, a bottle of water and non-slip socks !

What to wear ?

Comfortable clothes: leggings, fitness top, socks…

No need for a tutu !

Contact: Team BarreShape +33(0)1 48 04 79 84 or contact@barreshape.com