BarreShape Paris : what our clients are saying about us! Dear BarreShapers, thank you for sending yours!

“I have taken a lot of classes and have to say that Barre Shape provides a workout that targets the entire body.

It is exactly what I was looking for in a class!!!”

—Carole H.

« I tried Barre classes in the US and adored them. A mix of cardio, dance and pilates.

It’s great to finally find classes in Paris. »

—Claire M.

“All my muscles are trembling! I forgot how tough barre was!! If you are looking for a killer workout, BarreShape is the way!”

—Nicole, model

BarreShape has become my weekly obsession! Stretching and cardio is the perfect way to start my day.

—Brooke T.

“Squeeze and burn! Killer exercise for thes legs and bum! @barreshape”

—Mathilde, model

Send yours!

Thank you for your fidelity, your kindness and your enthusiasm! It is a pleasure to see you every time.