Superfood: health allies


Some of you probably know superfood as much as a nutrition expert does, others have already heard about it without really being interested on it, and some of you know the words "super" and "food" separately but ignore the meaning when the 2 terms are combined. No panic, we’re going to explain the benefits in a clear and easy way and give you a list of superfood.

Superfood are nutrient-rich such as proteins, minerals, antioxidants, Omega-3... Well, we've already lost some of you. To make it simpler, you need protein to develop your muscles and burn fat. As far as minerals are concerned, they help to deal with stress, regulating blood pressure or strengthening teeth and bones. Antioxidants are useful to prevent many diseases: cancer, cardiovascular disorders, infections... And finally, the Omega-3 allow the proper functioning of the cardiovascular, cerebral, inflammatory and hormonal systems.

Superfood seeds

Finally, superfood reinforce your body.

To cook superfood? Easy. You can find many recipes on the Web. Here are some examples to inspire you.

  • Basic food and medicinal plant for the Aztecs, Chia comes from the Sage family. Its seeds are highly prized for their richness in fibre, Omega 3, proteins, calcium, antioxidants. You can cook them in verrines with strawberries, yoghurt and almond milk.
  • Pomegranate or superfruit rich in antioxidants helps to fight against cell aging and prevent some diseases. Mixed with vegetables such as squash, cucumber or arugula, you can make a Tabbouleh by adding bulgur.
  • Stimulating and detoxifying, Matcha tea strengthens the immune system, prevents cancer and helps to fight against cholesterol. It is also a reliable anti-aging ally. In addition, you can cook Matcha with coconut, apple compote, maple syrup, oatmeal and almonds for a delicious and healthy dessert. It then looks like a yummy Granola.
  • Friday is fishday! Why don't we combine lentils, superfood rich in fibre which distances many of the chronic pathologies with wild salmon, quinoa and mushrooms? Swap the eternal fish/rice with this unprecedented recipe: the result might surprise you.
Healthy yogurt fruit mix


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