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Group, semi-private & private classes and Special Offers

New BarreShape® Classes!

Centre d’Art et de Danse Elephant Paname, near Opera :

- Wednesday, Thursday : 12h30-13h30

- Friday : 12h00-13h00 & 13h00-14h00

- Monday – Tuesday : 12h15-13h15, 13h15-14h15

- Monday : 18h30-19h30

- Wednesday : 18h00-19h00 & 20h30-21h30

- Thursday : 19h00-20h00 & 20h30-21h30

- Friday : 18h30-19h30

- Saturday : 10h00-11h00, 11h00-12h00 & 12h00-13h00

- Sunday : 10h00-11h00, 11h00-12h00 & 12h00-13h00

Introductory offer

First class : 20 €

Experience BarreShape® in the temple of Fashion, the Galeries Lafayette Haussmann!

Take a time-out during your shopping trip! Stay in shape by joining in our BarreShape® classes this Sunday 15 October 2017 at Galeries Lafayette! Book your spot now!

Price : 8 euros

New instructor!

Please, welcome our new teacher Sabry Ghalem-Cherif. Be prepared to sweat and burn a maximum of calories with grace and flexibility. Sabry will teach classes in English and French.

New Membership!

Sculpt your best body ever and see the transformation with our new Monthly Unlimited Membership!


BarreShape Gift Cards available on our online store “Cartes Cadeaux“.

Group Studio Classes

Convenient & inspirating

Complete barre workout alternating dance and gymnastic exercises of varying intensity, at the barre or on the mat all to the beat of a contagious musical rythme. An explosive and unique mix of cardio, dance, core conditioning and stretching for a healthy, harmonious and sculpted body.

In English or French

55 minutes

Maximum 9-25

Where: At one of our 2 studios

Semi-Private Classes

Flexible & Social

Nothing beats friends for motivating you to do your best. You’ll have no more excuses not to go to class and moreover, it’s a great way to spend time with friends. Reserve a complete workout for 2, 3 or 4 at the studio, in your home or at your office. Please, to book call : +33-6 99 49 46 12.

In English or French

60 minutes

For 2-4 friends

Where: At the studio, your home or office

Private Workout

Totally Personal

A private class made-to-measure to achieve your personal workout goals. Each class starts with a brief rundown of your objectives and the evaluation of the workout needed to achieve them. Then, get ready for a 60 minutes of an intense one-to-one session. Please, to book call : +33-6 99 49 46 12.

In English or French

60 minutes

Individual class

Where: At your Home or Office


-  25€ per class – 20€ first class

- 240€ Monthly Membership

-  225€ 10 class card (22,50€/class)

-  400€ 20 class card (20€/class)

Reserve now


- 60€ per class (at home or office)*

- 275€ 5 class card (55€/class)

- 500€ 10 class card (50€/class)

*Optional: + 35€ studio rental fee

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- 90€ per class (at home or office)*

- 425€ 5 class card (85€/class)

- 800€ 10 class card (80€/class)

*Optional : + 35€ studio rental fee

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Sudio Paris Center

Opening soon

Classes in the Center of Paris will be announced at the end of the year. Limited space available : Book in advance ! To book use the Réservez button on top of the screen or the Mindbody App.

plan paris 16

More to come

Elephant Paname Paris 2nd

10 rue Volney

Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri : 12h30-13h30, Tue : 12h15-13h15, 13h15-14h15, Mon : 18h30-19h30, Thu : 19h-20h & 20h30-21h30, Fri : 18h30-19h30, Sat : 11h-12h & 12h-13h, Sun : 11h-12h, 12h-13h

What to bring

Your enthusiasm, a bottle of water and, if desired, a yoga mat.

What to wear

Comfortable clothes: leggings, fitness top, socks…

No need for a tutu!

Contact: Geraldine Werner +33(0)6 99 49 46 12  or