The BarreShape® Method

A complete and balanced workout

BarreShape® is an intensive full body workout that takes its inspiration from ballet, Pilates and cardio training, improving your overall well-being and posture while transforming your entire body.

The BarreShape® workout alternates  exercises at the ballet barre and mat to help create long, lean muscles and a graceful silhouette no matter what your sex, age, body type, dance or fitness level.

Each group of muscles is targeted and worked intensively, yet safely, then stretched to create a long, lean profile. BarreShape® focuses on core muscles, correct posture and improved body alignment.

The workout gets its rhythm from a dynamic soundtrack.

The results:

- An evenly, conditioned body

- An improved posture

- A strong, developed core

- Flat abdominals and a strong back

- Elongated, firmer arms and thighs

- A lifted seat

- Better stamina and resistance

- Improved flexibility and grace

- Increased body awareness

- Better weight control

- Well-being and energy


From ballet to the BarreShape® Method

Geraldine Werner, Founder and Certified Instructor

BarreShape® founder and trainer Geraldine Werner fell in love with dancing at the age of 10, touring with various dance companies and participating in performances throughout France. She continued dancing while studying law and remained intent on one day becoming a professional dance teacher.

During a short stay in New York, she took advantage of classes at the renowned Studio Cunningham and the Limon Institute in Manhattan to discover new dance techniques.

Once back in France and working as a corportate lawyer, she joined the contemporary dance school of Peter Goss where she discovered other disciplines such as yoga and the Feldenkreis method that developed the notion of body awareness.

This gave her the idea to complement her training as a dance teacher with anatomy, physiology and body movement analysis courses and she obtained full certification in Paris in 2006.

She soon became interested in combining dance movements with other methods like yoga or Pilates to make her classes more accessible to non-dancers.

While living in London and teaching professionally, she continued practicing yoga and discovered Pilates and other fitness trends in some of the well-known London studios. Here she was first introduced to barre classes, based on the famous Lotte Berk method.

Eventually, Geraldine’s passion for dance and fitness merged with her desire to teach and share these passions with others. Returning to Paris in 2012, she dedicated her time to refining what has called the BarreShape® Method. The first studio classes were introduced in early 2014.

Discover BarreShape® classes in 2 studios in Paris or at your home or office.

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Caroline Fabre, Certified Instructor

Trained in the Rosella Hightower Center in Cannes and at the Ecole of Rudra Béjart in Lausanne, Caroline pursued a carrier as a professional  ballet and contemporary dancer in Germany and Austria for ten years.

She then integrated the Operas of Munich, Innsbruck and Stuttgart.

After having returned to France, she obtained full certification as a ballet teacher and a Balanced Body® Pilates instructor.

Caroline has taught these disciplines since then.

Since 2015, she has put all her experience and passion in BarreShape® teaching. Caroline will accompany you to obtain amazing results, find gracefulness, physical balance and an overall well-being.

Discover BarreShape® classes in 2 studios in Paris or at your home or office.

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Jenn Shinn, Certified Instructor

In 2013, Jenn graduated with honors from Texas Christian University’s School for Classical and Contemporary Dance in the United States with a Bachelors of Fine arts in Ballet.

During this time, she studied ballet, contemporary dance, pilates, music, choreography, and pedagogy. Since her time at TCU, she has received a certification as a Pure Barre® fitness instructor in the United States, and has performed professionally with dance companies in Texas and North Carolina.

Her desire to explore dance within another culture led her to Jerusalem where she spent six months with Vertigo Dance Company studying their unique style and répertoire, contact Improvisation, and Ohad Naharin’s Gaga movement language.

Once again, she decided to discover dance in another country, and her interests led her to France where she discovered the BarreShape® Method in Paris.

Jenn is passionate about teaching and discovering ways to strengthen the body physically, mentally, and artistically, and she believes that the BarreShape® method encompasses all of these aspects of training.

Discover BarreShape® classes in 2 studios in Paris or at your home or office.

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Caroline Fabre

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